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Facebook VIP Featured Photo || Download 9 Pictures

Facebook VIP Featured Photo || Download 9 Pictures
Facebook VIP Featured Photo

Toh Whatsup Guys,

Aaj mei aplogo ko Facebook ki stylish 9 featuerd photos dene wala hu jisko ap apni profile par laga kar ekdam VIP looking desakte ho. aur isse apki Facebook profile bhi ekdam jhakkas hojaygi...

Tutorial Video : 👇🏻

What Is Facebook VIP Featured Photo ? 

New Mac Ransomware Found in Pirated Mac Apps
There's a new 'EvilQuest' Mac ransomware variant that's spreading through pirated Mac apps, according to a new report shared today by Malwarebytes. The new ransomware was found in pirated download for the Little Snitch app found on a Russian forum. Right from the point of download, it was clear that something was wrong with the illicit version of Little Snitch, as it had a generic installer...

Why Facebook Allows Only 9 Featured Photos ?

a close up of a blue wall
Facebook VIP Featured Photo

After launching a dark mode for its desktop interface, Facebook confirms it is testing a dark mode for its mobile apps as well. As first noted by SocialMedia Today, Facebook has made the dark mode available to a very small percentage of people globally, a spokesperson told The Verge in an email Sunday. The mobile version of the dark mode Facebook introduced last month for desktop is “meant to cut down on glare,” particularly in low-light environments, the spokesperson said. There’s no timeline yet for when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users, however.

Why We Use Facebook VIP Featured Photo To Our Profile? 

Pressure on Facebook to toughen its content moderation practices increased in late May when Twitter tagged a post by President Donald Trump that appeared to advocate violent action against protesters, saying that it glorified violence.
When Facebook resisted calls to take similar action, a number of the company’s longtime staffers wrote an open letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, calling the company’s refusal to fact-check or label political speech “cowardly.” Employees later staged a virtual walkout to demand stronger action against objectionable content.

How to add Facebook Featured Photo

Have you ever considered adding a color frame to your pictures in order to make them more appealing for print? This is possible via the many image editing tools out there, but it can also be done via Microsoft Word if you know what you’re doing.

What were going to do here, is use the page border feature in Word since it will allow you to create a frame that best fits your photo. If you’ve had experience with using page borders before, then chances are you might already know of what to do.

For those who are still in the dark, then we urge all of you to continue reading in order to learn more.

  • Go To Facebook App
  • Go To Your Profile
  • Select "Edit Profile"
  • Let us talk about this in more detail, shall we? Good.

    1] Open a Word document

    Before getting started, you must first open a document in Microsoft Word. You either begin by opening the document via Microsoft Word or open it directly from the file saved on your computer. Whichever option you choose, it doesn’t matter just as long as the document is up and ready for editing.


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