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Facebook Fake Blue Tick Comment Symbol - Fake Facebook Verification

What is Facebook Fake Blue Tick?

Facebook fake blue trick is a trick to get a verification badge. You can show blue verified badge on your facebook profile or page. Peoples use this trick to show off their friends and relatives or neighbours to they got a blue verified badge on facebook. Peoples got shocked when you show them the trick. But its a fake blue verified trick.

Tutorial Video:👇🏻

How To Use Fake Verification?

To show facebook fake blue tick on your profile, You need to follow some steps to use this trick. The steps are given below:

1. Copy The Symbol (Below)

2. Paste After writing your comment in any post

3. Post your comment.

Thats it. Now you can see the blue verified badge on your comment. You should pin that text to yourr keyboard to use everytime in comment.

Facebook Fake Blue Tick Symbol:

Copy the fake facebook verification symbol from here:

Copy From Here



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