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How To Get Black Tick On Facebook | Facebook Black Badge Verify Trick

What is Facebook Black Badge?

Facebook black badge is shown to profile with name. It looks like a verification badge on facebook profile which look like meta verification badge. Facebook black badge verification is a copy of facebook blue badge veirfy. You have to give money for facebook blue badge but Facebook Black Badge is FREE! Download Facebook Black Tick Maker App

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How To Get Facebook Black Badge?

You need to follow some steps to get facebook black badge. Just follow below steps and you will get a black badge on your profile:

1. Download Via Browser App

2. Connect Indonesia VPN from VPN Lat App

3. Go to on Via Browser App

4. Login your facebook account.

5. Go to settings

6. Click on profile setting

7. Click To "Name Change"

8. Go to the codes and change your name.

9. Copy The Codes (Given below)

10. Paste the codes to search 3-4 times.

11. Check your profile from "Facebook Liite"

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Read the steps carefully and use it properly. You can also watch video to learn it clearly.

Facebook Black Badge Code

Copy the codes from below and change the name to yours!

Copy Codes

javascript:var fullName = "MD Jahid 󱢏";

var firstName = "MD";

var middleName = "";

var lastName = "Jahid"; 


var spinr = require('SiteData')['__spin_r'];

var jazoest = require('SprinkleConfig')['jazoest'];

var fb_dtsg = require("DTSGInitialData")['token'];

var uid = require("CurrentUserInitialData")["ACCOUNT_ID"];

var lsd = require("LSD")['token'];

var s = require('SiteData')["s"];

var hsi = require('SiteData')["hsi"];

var dyn = require('SiteData')["dyn"];

var csr = require('SiteData')["csr"]; 


function generateClientMutationId(){

    return "f19ac02d-" + Math["random"]().toString(36)["substr"](2, 9)


var clientMutationId = generateClientMutationId(); 


var url = ""; 


var requestData = {

    av : uid, 

    __user : uid, 

    __a : 1, 

    __req : "1a", 

    __hs : "19619.HYP : accounts_center_pkg.2.1..0.0", 

    dpr : 1.5, 

    __ccg : "EXCELLENT", 

    __rev : 1008717767, 

    __s : s, 

    __hsi : hsi, 

    __dyn : dyn, 

    __csr : csr, 

    __comet_req : 5, 

    fb_dtsg : fb_dtsg, 

    jazoest : jazoest, 

    lsd : lsd, 

    __spin_r : spinr, 

    __spin_b : "trunk", 

    __spin_t : clientMutationId, 

    fb_api_caller_class : "RelayModern", 

    fb_api_req_friendly_name : "useFXIMUpdateNameMutation", 

    variables : JSON["stringify"]({

        client_mutation_id : clientMutationId, 

        family_device_id : "device_id_fetch_datr", 

        identity_ids : [uid], 

        full_name : fullName, 

        first_name : firstName, 

        middle_name : middleName, 

        last_name : lastName, 

        interface : "FB_WEB"


    server_timestamps : true, 

    doc_id : "5763510853763960"



var data = Object["keys"](requestData)["map"](function(_0xb28exf){

    return (encodeURIComponent(_0xb28exf) + "=" + encodeURIComponent(requestData[_0xb28exf]))



fetch(url, {

    method : "POST", 

    body : data, 

    headers : {

        'Content-Type' : "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"



    return _0xb28ex12["text"]()








Copy Codes From Google Docs: Get Codes

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